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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pool Adviser is the source of information on above ground swimming pools.

Pooladviser.com is specialized in aboveground pool maintenance, water care, winter care, safety tips and much more.

Our website goal is to help consumers with advice on many issues of taking care of their pool by avoiding the growth of bacteria and algae and maintaining the proper chemical balance. Winterizing, safety procedures, frame and structural damage, metal corrosion and many other issues are some of the features we will be covering.

We will be open for questions and if you don’t have the answer in our pages, we will research the issues. If we find that it also can help others we will publish our findings.

Please remember that above ground swimming pools should be inspected more often for structural damage and metal corrosion.
In-Ground pools should be checked for concrete cracks or other damage inside and outside the pool.

See our pages for more detailed information and tips on pool maintenance and safety:

Never permit the pool to be used unless at least one person other than the bather is present. Children must always be under careful adult supervision.
Do not dive or jump into any above ground pool. They are not designed for diving or jumping.