Above Ground Pool Maintenance Advice

Inspect your pool periodically for loose bolts, rust, wear or any other needed repairs.

Use clear lacquer or clear nail polish to cover screw heads in your swimming pool.

Use clear lacquer or nail polish to cover any scratches on ledges or verticals of your swimming pool to prevent rust and corrosion.

Use wax to protect the pool wall and frame from the elements.

Never leave the swimming pool drained (without water). This can cause liner shrinkage and damage the pool wall and frame.

If you use the Thru-the-Wall fittings for your filter and decide to dismantle your pool or remove your liner, it is possible that you may not be able to realign these holes and a new liner may have to be purchased.

Check regularly for signs of wear or loose bolts that could make the swimming pool, the pool ladder, the pool deck, or any other related object unsafe.

Never permit the pool to be used unless at least one person other than the bather is present. Children must always be under careful adult supervision.
Do not dive or jump into any above ground pool. They are not designed for diving or jumping.